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Business setup for chairs

1. Toyo aims to develop businesses both in sourcing and selling chair items in the following markets.
  a. Local markets in each of the Asian areas
      Toyo develop new items for each of the local markets in collaboration with members of the network in the area, and sells the items in cooperation with the members in each local market.
  b. Japanese market
      Toyo buys products from local partners and sells them making full use of Toyo’s sales and marketing facilities in the Japanese market, whose size is second only to the U.S. market.
  c. Export markets
      Toyo and its local partners market jointly developed products in world markets other than local markets which are managed by local members, and the Japanese market which is managed by Toyo.
2. Toyo and its local partners fulfill their respective roles in collaboration based on agreements such as the Basic Partnership Agreement, Product Development, Quality Assurance, and business contracts for selling and buying.
  a. Roles of Toyo
  • Develop product plans and designs, and provide them to the local partners on royalty.
  • Provide drawings for mass production, product specifications and quality control standards.
  • If necessary, supply chair mechanisms or other parts produced by other members of the network.
  • Test the strength and quality of the products.
  • Buy finished products, semi-finished products and parts from local partners and sell them in Japan.
  • Transfer new technologies and know-how developed by the Ibaraki High Tech Production and R&D center to local partners.
  b. Roles of Asian Local Partners
  • Manufacture products for local and export markets with royalty payment to Toyo.
  • Manufacture and supply parts, semi-finished products and finished products to Toyo based on orders from Toyo.
  • Sell products manufactured by local partners in local and export markets.
3. Marketing and sale of products in the Japanese market
  • Toyo sells products in the Japanese market. These are either finished products which are bought from local partners, or products assembled in Toyo’s Ibaraki High Tech Plant. In the case of assembly, the Ibaraki High Tech Plant stores parts and semi-finished products bought from local partners in its warehouse, and assembles them according to demand.
4.  Toyo business matrix for chairs in Japan.



Business Setup for Hyper Hook Products

Toyo outsources the manufacturing of Hyper Hook products in Asian areas. The blades for making pins which are a core part of the product are made of special stainless steel, the same material used for surgical knives. Toyo supplies blades made in Japan to subcontractors who make the finished products.
Toyo buys Hyper Hook products from subcontractors and sells them in the Japanese market.





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