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T’z chair series

T’z series is a flagship product of Toyo. The chairs were designed by Toshiyuki Kita who is known as one of the top industrial designers in the world today. He is a winner of many industrial awards, and a creator of genuine bestsellers products shown in museums all over the world including Centre de Pompidou in Paris and MOMA, Modern Museum of Art in New York as a permanent collection. He was awarded the Italian Compasso Doro in 2011 for his contribution to industrial design worldwide. Three Good Design Awards out of five chair items were given for the T’z series which were designed by Maestro Kita, combined with the high-grade manufacturing of Toyo‘s Ibaraki High Tech Plant.

T's chair series



Toyo Taper series

All Toyo products except for the T’z series are under the brand umbrella of Toyo Taper. The brand name was created to commemorate the first use of metal taper technology in chairs in the Japanese furniture industry in 1957.
Toyo is one of the top suppliers of banquette chairs which are used in many first class hotels, wedding halls and other assembly places. The Toyo Taper brand name enjoys a reputation for quality and good taste.

Toyo Taper series



Gasser chairs

Gasser chairs

Toyo is the exclusive distributor for Gasser Chairs USA in the Japanese market. Gasser chairs are high-end chairs for dining and meeting places in top-class hotels and venues where press conferences are held. They are also widely used in casinos in Las Vegas.








OEM supplies

Toyo supplies chairs and other furniture products including nursing wagons for hospitals, and beds for aesthetic salons to leading manufacturers and distributors under an OEM/ODM arrangement for their main product lines.





The i-Studio e-commerce store started selling Toyo products in 1990. Sales have been growing steadily along with growth of the web, thanks to strong sales in the Japanese market coupled with the lovely name of the store. The i of i-studio naturally stands for “internet”, but in the Japanese language “ai” also means “Love”.





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