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Ibaraki High Tech Plant and R&D Center

Ibaraki High Tech Plant and R&D Center is located near Tokyo, a huge market where many of our customers are located. The plant manufactures and purchases products, maintains inventory, and delivers to customers on time according to requirement. Ibaraki R&D Center is an innovation center for Toyo’s Asian business network.

Ibaraki High Tech Plant and R&D Center



A. Ibaraki High Tech Plant

1. Manufactures high quality, high value added chairs in small volumes with a consistent production system.
2. Assembles finished products using parts and semi-finished products sourced from our Asian partners.
3. The center is equipped with extensive facilities and equipment including metal benders, presses, laser cutters, electric welding machines, a painting line, automatic fabric upholstery forming, and other assembly machines as well as various kind of testing and analysis equipment.


Ibaraki High Tech Plant and R&D Center seeks to develop and deploy the most advanced technologies for manufacturing chairs and to improve production systems to offer the most advanced level in the world. Toyo is interested in transfer of technologies and know-how to other members of the Toyo Asian business network at any time.
5. Serves as a hub for the Toyo Asian business network as a whole and also collaborates with the individual members of the network.


Manage demand, supply and delivery of products throughout Asia.
Handle trade with suppliers, placing orders and ensuring timely delivery.
Ensure product quality control and conduct strength testing.

Manage multiparty trades among the network members (purchasing and selling)
6. Manage partnership relationships with partners in Asia.

Conclude agreements with local partners in each of the Asian areas.
Provide product plans for mutual study and detailed drawings for mass production.
Provide product specifications and quality control and product inspection standards.

Assign experienced engineers from the Center to the production facilities of Asian partners to assist with quality management.

Ibaraki High Tech Plant
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B. Ibaraki Research & Development Center

Ibaraki R&D Center is the center for innovation for Toyo’s Asian business network. It seeks to contribute to upgrading the capabilities of the network and strengthening the network as a whole, as well as supporting individual members of the network by promoting innovations in design and manufacturing, and making new development available to the network.

 1. Promote product innovation by creating new designs and building novel product models.
 2. Develop innovative technologies for manufacturing chairs.
 3. Provide information on and guidance for products and advanced business practices.




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