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High tech and high quality furniture

Toyo Kogei Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of high tech, high quality furniture. The company is one of the leaders in the Japanese furniture industry in terms of advanced technologies, designs and most importantly, creativity. Toyo Kogei Co., Ltd. (hereafter Toyo) is particularly renowned as a supplier of creative, high quality metal furniture including office chairs and non-office as well as banquette chairs. It also supplies other equipment and fixtures for segments such as offices, hotels, hospitals, schools and educational institutions, R&D centers and other public facilities.
More than 40% of Toyo’s business portfolio consists of a wall fastening system, which is the easiest way to hang anything on a drywall surface without damage.

LITAC FERRO(banquette chair) wall fastening system "KAKEMAKURI"



Asian business network

The company places emphasis on the supply and marketing of metal chairs manufactured in Asian counties by its local partners, as well as in the Ibaraki High Tech Production and R&D Center located near Tokyo. The Ibaraki Center serves as a hub for Toyo’s Asian business network for both production and sales in Asian areas. The Ibaraki Center is an R&D center for new technologies and designs for furniture. As such, it provides advanced technologies and know-how concerning quality control, product design and mass production, which is shared with Toyo’s partners in each of the Asian countries.



Revolutionary Drywall Fastening System

Nearly half of Toyo’s business consists of a revolutionary wall hanging system for drywall called the Hyper Hook System. The system was developed by the Ibaraki Center using its metal fabrication technologies. The hook system is patented worldwide, and won the Grand Prix Award for the Best Creative Products of the year at the Chicago ITNL House ware Show in 2006. The Hyper Hook series enjoys a majority share in the wall fastening segment of Japanese consumer and commercial markets due to the fact that it is the easiest way to hang anything on drywall, without damaging the walls.



History of Toyo Kogei

Founder: Harumatsu SatoToyo Kogei Co., Ltd. was established in 1957 in Tokyo by Harumatsu Sato, father of the current representative director, Terumi Sato. The name of the company, Toyo, in Japanese means “Asia” and the company name has the Chinese characters “Dong Yang” above it. More than half a century ago, Harumatsu Sato established the company with the dream of making a company that encompassed Asia, and today, the dream has been realized — Toyo is a genuinely Asian company with a business scope that covers most Asian areas.




Front Runner in Furniture Manufacturing

Since its inauguration, the company has been the front runner in the Japanese furniture manufacturing industry. The brand name for its products “Toyo Taper” was chosen because the company was the first in Japan to introduce the technology of metal pipes with tapers in 1957 when Mr. Sato started the business. The founder himself was given the Yellow Ribbon award in 1989 by the Japanese government for his contributions to providing advanced technologies to many Asian firms and also for his contribution to the nation by acquiring foreign currencies through exports overseas. In its 56-year history, Toyo has received a great many Good Design Awards which are given yearly only to products that are innovative, of high quality and above all of excellent design. Toyo received ISO 9001 certification in 1998. Also in 2006 Toyo was certified as a Company of Management Innovation for its innovative business model by the Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.

*about Good Design Award
Good Design





Asian Company

Toyo is proud to be an Asian company and will continuously aim to strengthen its position as such. Toyo will constantly move forward with our current and future Asian partners through cooperation and collaboration, seeking win-win relationships among the Toyo Asian business network.




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