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Hyper Hook System

The Hyper Hook system is simply the easiest way to hang almost anything on drywall surfaces. Hyper Hook Hangers patented world-wide can be embedded in drywall like the anchor of a ship. These safe and easy to use products are manufactured by Toyo. The state-of-the-art, sturdy and revolutionary hooks enjoy a majority share in the Japanese marketplace.

The wall surfaces of many homes and offices worldwide today are constructed of drywall (gypsum board). In Japan the figure is over 70%, and over 90% in the U.S. The potential market for the Hyper Hook wall fastening system is huge and growing everywhere around the world, since the use of drywall is increasing due to its fireproofing and low cost.

Hyper Hook system



The only product of its kind in the world

Hyper Hook products are found on the shelves of over 3,000 retail stores in Japan, including lifestyle shops, supermarkets and household goods stores, and they are also marketed through web shops and catalogs.



New application of the Hyper Pin & Hyper Hook System

Since the launch of these products on the Japanese market in 2000, they have received a lot of free publicity in magazines, newspapers, and on TV. This is because they are the only products of their kind in the world, and they represent a creative solution to a common problem. A new and unique product series called “Furniture Fixed to the Wall” includes shelves, decoration boxes, and mirrors as a new application of the X-Blade Pin System.

Hyper Hook



Seeking distributing partners overseas

Toyo is now aiming to offer Hyper Hook products on the world market after confirming their marketability in Japan. We are looking for partners to distribute the products in North America, Oceania, and Europe. The ease of use and benefits of these products will assure their adoption in countries where drywall is the norm, and where people have always enjoyed decorating their walls with paintings, mirrors, photos and household items.




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