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Company Profile

Company Name TOYO KOGEI CO., LTD.
Date of Establishment June 11th, 1958
CEO & President Chairwoman CEO Terumi Sato
President Toshiyuki Sato
Areas of Business Manufacturing and Sales of Metal Furniture
Manufacturing and Sales of Lifestyle Goods
Sales of Import Furniture
Number of employees 70 employees


History of Toyo Kogei

Founder: Harumatsu Sato

Founder: Harumatsu Sato

Toyo Kogei Co., Ltd. was established in 1957 in Tokyo by Harumatsu Sato, father of the current representative director, Terumi Sato. The name of the company, Toyo, in Japanese means “Asia” and the company name has the Chinese characters 東洋 “Dong Yang” above it. More than half a century ago, Harumatsu Sato established the company with the dream of making a company that expands throughout Asia, and today, the dream has been realized, as Toyo has grown a business scope that covers most Asian areas.

High-tech and high-quality furniture

Toyo Kogei Co., Ltd. (hereafter Toyo) is a manufacturer of high-tech, high-quality furniture. We are leaders in the Japanese furniture industry in terms of advanced technologies, designs and most importantly, creativity. Toyo is particularly renowned as a supplier of high quality metal furniture including office chairs as well as banquette chairs. We also supply other equipment and fixtures for offices, hotels, hospitals, schools, educational institutions, R&D centers, and other public facilities.
More than 40 percent of Toyo’s business portfolio consists of a wall fastening system called the Hyper Hook System “Kakemakuri”, which is the easiest way to hang anything on a drywall surface without damage.

Hyper Hook System “Kakemakuri”

Nearly half of Toyo’s business consists of a revolutionary wall hanging system for drywall called the Hyper Hook System. The system was developed by the Ibaraki Center using its metal fabrication technologies. The hook system is patented worldwide, and won the Grand Prix Award for the Best Creative Products of the year at the Chicago ITNL Houseware Show in 2006. The Hyper Hook series enjoys a majority share in the wall fastening segment of Japanese consumer and commercial markets due to its ease of use and how effective it is at hanging decor without damaging the wall.

Business setup for Hyper Hook Products

Hyper Hook System

The Hyper Hook system is simply the easiest way to hang almost anything on drywall surfaces. Hyper Hook Hangers patented world-wide can be embedded in drywall like the anchor of a ship. Toyo outsources the manufacturing of Hyper Hook products in Asia. The blades for making pins which are a core part of the product are made of special stainless steel, the same material used for surgical knives.
Toyo supplies blades made in Japan to subcontractors who make the finished products.
Toyo buys Hyper Hook products from subcontractors and market them in the Japanese market.
The state-of-the-art, sturdy and revolutionary hooks enjoy a majority share in the Japanese marketplace.

The wall surfaces of many homes and offices worldwide today are constructed of drywall (gypsum board). In Japan, the figure is over 70%, and over 90% in the U.S. The potential market for the Hyper Hook wall fastening system is tremendous, and growing everywhere around the world, since the use of drywall is increasing due to its fireproofing and low cost.


Seeking distributing partners overseas

Toyo is now aiming to offer Hyper Hook products on the world market after confirming their marketability in Japan. We are looking for partners to distribute the products in North America, Oceania, and Europe. The ease of use and benefits of these products will assure their adoption in countries where drywall is the norm, and where people have always enjoyed decorating their walls with paintings, mirrors, photos and household items.

Asian business network

We place emphasis on the supply and marketing of metal chairs manufactured in Asian counties by our local partners, as well as in the Ibaraki High Tech Production and R&D Center located near Tokyo. The Ibaraki Center serves as a hub for Toyo’s Asian business network for both production and sales in Asia. The Ibaraki Center is also a R&D center for new technologies and designs for furniture. As such, it provides advanced technologies and knowledge concerning quality control, product design, and mass production, which is shared with Toyo’s partners in each of the Asian countries.

Business setup

Our Business

1.Toyo aims to develop businesses both in sourcing and providing our products in the following markets.
  1. Local markets in each of the Asian areas
    Toyo develop new items for each local market in collaboration with our business partners in the area, and provide items in cooperation with the partners in each local market.
  2. Japanese market
    Toyo buys products from local partners and sells them making full use of Toyo’s sales and marketing facilities in the Japanese market, whose size is second only to the U.S. market.
  3. Export markets
    Toyo and its local partners market jointly develop products in foreign markets which are managed by local partners, and the Japanese market which is managed by Toyo.
2.Toyo and its local partners fulfill their respective roles in collaboration based on agreements such as the Basic Partnership Agreement, Product Development, Quality Assurance, and business contracts for selling and buying.

Roles of Toyo

3.Marketing and sale of products in the Japanese market

Toyo sells products in the Japanese market. These are either finished products which are bought from local partners, or products assembled in Toyo’s Ibaraki High Tech Plant. In the case of assembly, the Ibaraki High Tech Plant stores parts and semi-finished products bought from local partners in its warehouse, and assembles them according to demand.

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